Hospital & Operating Room Materials Management Solutions | SMI Group
Hospital & Operating Room Materials Management Solutions | SMI Group

Operating Room Materials Management Solutions from SMI Group

Optimize Materials Management within Operating Rooms & Procedural Areas

Operating Room Materials Management Solutions from SMI Group

Optimize Materials Management within Operating Rooms & Procedural Areas

The OR Materials materials management systems analysis involves an in-depth review of operating room commodity and capital support systems. It results in an evaluation, and where opportunities for improvement are identified, specific and detailed recommendations for achieving either cost savings, improved surgery coordination, or both. Specific objectives of each portion of this analysis follow.

Organization & Staffing

The responsibilities of all OR personnel relative to materials management support of the surgery schedule are analyzed to identify whether the organization plan, staffing, role definition, and interdepartmental coordination activities are appropriate.

Detailed staffing determinations can be performed for instrument processing and central sterile functions whether performed entirely by OR personnel, by CS employees, or shared between the two departments. This ascertains whether demand for reprocessing services is matched by availability of sufficient labor resources.

Storage & Locator Systems

The ease in which OR staff can locate supplies for surgery contributes significantly to lowering case turnover time. The consultant examines supply storage location(s) for the OR to assess accessibility, adequacy, proximity of specialty items to specialty rooms, adequacy of moveable equipment, and presence/effectiveness of stock and non-stock item locator codes and “finder” systems.

Inventory Management

The process for selecting, evaluating, and storing stock and non-stock supplies adds significantly to the cost per case of a hospital’s surgery program. We thoroughly evaluate the product standardization process, as well as the on-hand supply quantity appropriateness and distribution alternatives.

Hospital & Operating Room Materials Management Solutions | SMI Group
Hospital & Operating Room Materials Management Solutions | SMI Group

Procurement Process

The process by which the OR obtains prostheses, suture, custom packs and specialty supplies are reviewed:

  • requisition routing
  • purchase approval
  • stores standardization
  • order expediting
  • receipt verification
  • vendor negotiations and control
  • conflict of interest management

Materials Distribution

In order for the operating room to maximize its throughput of patients, coordination of availability of the right supplies, in the right quantities, at the right time, for the right case, must be well orchestrated. Whether employing a case cart, PAR level, exchange cart, or requisition system, our experience designing OR materials logistics systems affords the expertise to evaluate and identify opportunities for improvement with preference cards, pick lists, surgery scheduling – materials management information systems interface, custom packs, post-case breakdown, instrument selection, and stock/non-stock materials activities supporting timely and efficient case set up.

OR Charge System

Capturing charges for inpatient and ambulatory surgery services must be consistent with shifting reimbursement practices and the local competitive market. During our review of the charge process our consultants identify and evaluate nursing staff input requirements; verify master description, accuracy and completeness; audit billing practices; and identify labor saving interfaces between preference card and charge systems.

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OR Materials Management Best Practices

Implemented expedited hiring process with administrative oversight . . .

This past April we enlisted the services of the SMiGroup. Based upon the recommendations from their evaluation, the following operational improvements have been implemented: • Recruitment – hired 3 FTE RNs, 2 part time and one per diem surgery techs; hired managers of Sterile Processing and Endoscopy/Outpatient Surgery/Pre-Testing; implemented expedited hiring process with administrative oversight • Perioperative Throughput – reinstated Surgery Executive Committee with formal charter and specific responsibilities; provided for incremental ancillary support to facilitate turnover; established weekend priority surgery transportation support; enhanced OR Scheduler – Surgeon Office communications • Materials Management – conduct daily huddles among PeriOp Director, SP Manager, Mat Man, OR Materials Coordinator to ensure supply availability; designated technician to ascertain case carts complete in advance; updated preference cards for top ten surgeons and surgeons; reviewed PAR levels for all surgical supply items.
Gloria Gammage & Dr. Robert Streeter, CNO and CMO, St. John’s Hospitals, Oxnard, CA

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Why Choose Surgery Management Improvement (SMI) Group?

Why Choose Surgery Management Improvement (SMI) Group?

The SMI Group’s Principals have worked as senior level executives and vice presidents of hospital management consulting firms including Chi Systems, DJ Sullivan & Associates, and Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems Inc.

  • SMI Group brings you experienced, dedicated clinical and business professionals who care about your hospital management. We will craft a winning strategy to successfully implement change for your organization.
  • The Principals and Founders of the Surgery Management Improvement Group share a combined total of seventy years of experience as hospital management CONSULTANTS.
  • All our consultants are seasoned professionals with perioperative clinical, surgery business, sterile processing, and high-level management experience.
Why Choose Surgery Management Improvement (SMI) Group?
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