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SMI Group Client Case Studies - Surgical Business Success Stories from SMI Group Clients

SMI Group Client Case Studies

Surgical Business Success Stories from SMI Group Clients

SMI Group Client Case Studies

Surgical Business Success Stories from SMI Group Clients

Case Studies of SMI Group clients that summarize the status of implementation teams’ efforts after the SMI Group completed its analysis & recommendations. Since 2007, Surgery Management Improvement Group has applied its experience at over 2,500 customer sites. As a result SMI Group can successfully assist your surgery center in every phase of the surgery process, including improving relationships between hospital staff and surgeons and referring physicians, and offering marketable, cost-efficient programs with the latest medicine, technology, and techniques.

Suburban Chicago SMI Group Client Plan Implementation Case Study

Volumes Increased by 5.1% in Eight Months for Suburban Chicago Client. The assessment conducted at this medical center revealed the opportunity to increase market share by 17% by strategically positioning the surgery program within targeted services, expanding the geographical region of its targeted patient population, developing the ambulatory surgery program, and improving operational effectiveness.

Medical Center Achieves $2.5 Million Financial Benefit in First Year

Based on benchmark comparisons, excessive case times and labor/materials costs were identified at this midwest academic medical center, comprised of two non-university teaching hospitals. In addition, significant potential for increasing the medical center's surgical market penetration with focused direction was identified.

Sterile Processing at Four Hospitals Case Study

Surgery Management Improvement Group Inc. consultants initially responded to these four hospitals' needs to improve central sterile processing operations to meet clinical and regulatory standards by reviewing their current programs and processes. This included an evaluation of instrument processing workflow, quality and performance monitoring, program design, policies and procedures, and central processing staffing.

Nebraska Medical Center Case Study

SMI Group project efforts included an analysis of opportunities for improvement at this Nebraska Medical Center, development of detailed recommendations, assistance with the implementation of change via consultant facilitation of design teams (for scheduling, organization, governance, and patient flow), provision of interim management following the departure of the surgery director, assistance in the evaluation of a permanent director and mentoring of the newly hired manager.

Seven SMI Group Client Hospitals Case Study

Project efforts at these seven facilities included analyses of opportunities for improvement with the respective perioperative programs, enhanced utilization of anesthesia providers, development of detailed recommendations, and assistance with the implementation of change via consultant facilitation of design teams (for scheduling, organization, governance, and patient flow).

Rhode Island Hospital Case Study

The state of Rhode Island enacted legislation in 2008, affecting this 700-bed Level I Trauma Center for southeast New England and a major teaching hospital for a University Medical School.The hospital requested the Surgery Management Improvement Group Inc. to conduct an analysis of its surgical program staffing model and scheduling practices, including identification of strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Eye and Ear Specialty Hospital Case Study

This SMIG Group client is one of the primary teaching facilities for Harvard Medical School; it is an independent specialty hospital that has sixteen operating rooms and performs approximately sixteen thousand surgical procedures annually. This consulting engagement produced a common vision and design for operational programs to support efficient patient flow through the anticipated new surgical services facility.

Surgery Management Improvement Group - Operating Room Scheduling Management

Operating Room Scheduling Management

Operating room planning is a complex task where numerous resources must be synchronized in order to achieve efficiency. Surgeon availability, operating team scheduling, patient related information (i.e. estimated operating time, priority and diagnosis), equipment, and support resources must all be carefully orchestrated.

Surgery Management Improvement Group - Anesthesiology Program Consulting

Anesthesiology Program Consulting

A well-defined, coordinated anesthesiology program is essential to a cost and operationally effective, marketable operating room. Areas of evaluation and development expertise include: Program Evaluation and Design, Anesthesiologist/CRNA/ Resident Care Team Process Evaluation, Surgeon Nursing Interrelationship

Surgery Management Improvement Group - Succession Planning for the Operating Room

Operating Room Succession Planning

Use our tools and assistance to plan your operating room management succession. Our process identifies key roles, the management capabilities of existing staff, and cultivates qualified internal candidates to become superior leaders for tomorrow’s perioperative environment.

Surgery Management Improvement Group - Ambulatory Surgery Center & Program Development

Ambulatory Surgery Center & Program Development

SMI Group provides hospital and surgery center consulting services that provide ambulatory surgery program development & management solutions. We help you retain & grow Ambulatory Market Share while improving expected surgery outcomes.

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