Operating Room Design Assistance
Operating Room Design Assistance

Operating Room Design Assistance

OR Design Focuses on Support Resources, Patient, Material & Staffing Flows

Operating Room Design Assistance

OR Design Focuses on Support Resources, Patient, Material & Staffing Flows

The design of a perioperative facility can either contribute to operating room efficiency or challenge the cost-effective delivery of surgical care. A well-designed operating room suite requires emphasis on patient, material, and staffing flows as well as the integration of support resources. Operating room design and capacity requirements must consider future growth, market expansion and surgical discipline-specific facility requirements.

A well-designed perioperative facility can have many benefits for a hospital or ambulatory service center. A good perioperative facility design can minimize avoidable and expensive late stage facility construction costs, increase the efficiency for professionals, customers and materials, support the planned functions as intended, and improve patient safety and satisfaction. Some of the key elements of a well-designed perioperative facility include adequate preadmissions, preoperative processing, operating room support areas, equipment and supply storage for surgical suites, and postanesthesia care unit requirements for phase I and phase II recovery.

The design should also consider the differences in planning for these perioperative support areas in a large hospital venue versus an ambulatory surgery center venue. A well-designed perioperative facility can help an organization achieve its goals of delivering high-quality health care services in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Operating Room Design Assistance - SMI Group
Operating Room Design Assistance

Inadequate operating room design can result in:

  • Unnecessarily high staffing levels
  • Inefficient use of surgeons’ time
  • Decreased patient, surgeon, and anesthesiologist satisfaction
  • Poor inventory control
  • Increased costs of operation
  • Decreased marketability to patients and surgeons
  • The SMI Group can assist you by working with your architect and clinicians to:
  • Perform surgical specialty-specific case volume demand analyses
  • Identify space and function requirements for renovated or replacement facilities
  • Consult with your architects during the design-development phase
  • Interpret architectural drawings to clinical stakeholders
  • Prepare “operating manuals” that outline the optimum flow of patients and materials in the new facility and define processes to maximize the benefits of the new space.
Why Choose Surgery Management Improvement (SMI) Group?

Why Choose Surgery Management Improvement (SMI) Group?

The SMI Group’s Principals have worked as senior level executives and vice presidents of hospital management consulting firms including Chi Systems, DJ Sullivan & Associates, and Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems Inc.

  • SMI Group brings you experienced, dedicated clinical and business professionals who care about your hospital management. We will craft a winning strategy to successfully implement change for your organization.
  • The Principals and Founders of the Surgery Management Improvement Group share a combined total of seventy years of experience as hospital management CONSULTANTS.
  • All our consultants are seasoned professionals with perioperative clinical, surgery business, sterile processing, and high-level management experience.
Why Choose Surgery Management Improvement (SMI) Group?
Surgery Management Improvement Group - Operating Room Scheduling Management

Operating Room Scheduling Management

Operating room planning is a complex task where numerous resources must be synchronized in order to achieve efficiency. Surgeon availability, operating team scheduling, patient related information (i.e. estimated operating time, priority and diagnosis), equipment, and support resources must all be carefully orchestrated.

Surgery Management Improvement Group - Anesthesiology Program Consulting

Anesthesiology Program Consulting

A well-defined, coordinated anesthesiology program is essential to a cost and operationally effective, marketable operating room. Areas of evaluation and development expertise include: Program Evaluation and Design, Anesthesiologist/CRNA/ Resident Care Team Process Evaluation, Surgeon Nursing Interrelationship

Surgery Management Improvement Group - Succession Planning for the Operating Room

Operating Room Succession Planning

Use our tools and assistance to plan your operating room management succession. Our process identifies key roles, the management capabilities of existing staff, and cultivates qualified internal candidates to become superior leaders for tomorrow’s perioperative environment.

Surgery Management Improvement Group - Ambulatory Surgery Center Program Development

Ambulatory Surgery Center Program Development

SMI Group provides hospital and surgery center consulting services that provide ambulatory surgery program development & management solutions. We help you retain & grow Ambulatory Market Share while improving expected surgery outcomes.