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  • Succession Planning for the Operating Room

    SMI Group provides the tools and assistance to plan the management succession for your operating room. Our process identifies key roles, management capabilities of existing staff, and cultivates qualified internal candidates to become tomorrow's perioperative leaders.
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Operating Room Design Assistance

Operating Room Design Assistance

Operating room design efficiency begins with awareness of the latest trends in design of operating rooms, as well as standards for operating room design.

The design of a perioperative facility can either contribute to operating room efficiency or challenge the cost-effective delivery of surgical care. A well-designed operating room suite requires emphasis on patient, material, and staffing flows as well as the integration of support resources. Operating room design and capacity requirements must consider future growth, market expansion and surgical discipline-specific facility requirements.

Inadequate operating room design can result in:

  • Unnecessarily high staffing levels
  • Inefficient use of surgeons' time
  • Decreased patient, surgeon, and anesthesiologist satisfaction
  • Poor inventory control
  • Increased costs of operation
  • Decreased marketability to patients and surgeons

The SMI Group can assist you by working with your architect and clinicians to:

  • Perform surgical specialty-specific case volume demand analyses
  • Identify space and function requirements for renovated or replacement facilities
  • Consult with your architects during the design-development phase
  • Interpret architectural drawings to clinical stakeholders
  • Prepare "operating manuals" that outline the optimum flow of patients and materials in the new facility and define processes to maximize the benefits of the new space.

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